Friday, February 14, 2014

Life's A Project 1, Winners & 12x12 Freebie!

Looking for some project 52/365 templates? Wanting something more than just blocking? This collection will have the traditional blocking style but with added inspiration in every card. Don't stop at the project 52/365 theme. You can use them for any time and any event. Let you creative juices go wild.

Life's A Project 1 is on sale now but only through February 24th.

 This pack can be found at:

Here is what my CT did with Life's A Project 1

Now for the winners to Tuesday's giveaway. I said two but I lied...I meant THREE!

Helene Bahnman

Winners, please email me at byakdesigns at by Feb. 20th to get your prize.

And speaking of Project 52/365...who's ready for a Project 52/365 Facebook Hop?

Here is my part of the hop. Image is linked to my Facebook Page. Just make sure to like my page to access the download.

You won't be hearing from me until March. I'll be on a "break" catching up on some template making.

Thanks for stopping in and.....Happy Valentines Day!

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