Friday, August 28, 2015

Template Pack 86 & Flashback Freebie!

Template Pack 86

With this week's pack I thought I would have some fun with flags and clustering. You'll enjoy having room to play with your kits elements with lots of room for journal! Five to Seven photos per a template. Flag down this pack while it's on sale for just...

This pack can be found at:

Here is my CT using Template Pack 86:

Final Days to Save!

On Monday Life's A Project 12 and Two Pager Pack 9 will go off sale. Huge Savings! 

$2.00 Each

Freebie Flashback!!

I offered this freebie below a couple years back. It was up on my Facebook page for a short period of time. I thought I would bring it out of the expired Freebie vault and share it with you once more. 

September will be here on Tuesday. So that mean's I'll be back with a new set of $1 templates for BNP! Template Pack 87, Template Pack 88 and Siggy Pack 6 can't wait to come out of hiding! See you then!

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Two Pager Pack 9 & Freebie!

Two Pager Pack 9
Give your pages a flow when you use double page templates. Your scrapbook starts to look like a book when you have pages that match and coordinate with each other. Two Pager Pack 9 holds 11-12 photos a template so you can jam pack your layouts with all your favorite photos! All my two pager packs come with a 24x12 version of the template as well as 12x12 (left and right) templates. So pick which size you think is easier to work with. On sale for a limited time!

This pack can be picked up at:

Here are some examples of Two Pager Pack 9 in use. More can be found in the store.

Life's A Project 12

Are you up to date on your Project 365/52? My templates make staying on top of it easy! Pick up Life's A Project 12 while it's on discount now through the end of August.

This pack can be found at:


Speaking of Project 365....I have a journal card/word art freebie for you. Add it to your Project Life pages or to your everyday layouts. Enjoy!

I'll see you all around next week with Template Pack 86. Fully enjoy your weekend! And thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Life's A Project 12 & Journal Card Template Freebie!

 Life's A Project 12

Have you missed my Life's A Project series? You'll be happy to know this week I am releasing Life's A Project 12. These make your project 365/52 come together fast! You just worry about taking your daily photos and finding the right kit. I'll give you the placement inspiration. These work great as monthly spreads as well if you don't have time to do the whole daily document. On sale now through August 17th.

This pack can be found at:

Examples of Life's A Project 12 in use.

Journal Card Freebie!

If Life's A Project 12 is up your alley then you are going to like this freebie below.

Thanks for stopping in. I'll see you again next week with my latest Two Pager Pack! Take care!

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